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Improve your Game

Regular coaching with a PGA Professional is a sure fire way to more success and enjoyment on the golf course and The PGA is passionate about spreading the message to golfers of all ages and abilities.

As part of a platform to promote the expertise and skill of its membership, will feature expert advice and insight from PGA Professionals on all aspects of the game with the aim of encouraging more golfers to take lessons with their local PGA Professional.

Articles will cover all aspects of the game from putting and the short game through to the long game, the mental side of the game, course management and custom fitting.

Key is highlighting the great knowledge and skill possessed by PGA Professionals.

Two-time, major winner Sandy Lyle once reflected: “It saddens me when I see amateurs who haven’t got a clue what their swings look like.

“They spend a fortune on gold-plated clubs when they could do more for their game with a lesson from the local PGA Professional.”

As anyone who has ever flipped through one of golf’s many self help manuals will surely testify, trying to learn all the intricacies of a golf swing can be a tricky business.

If it was that easy we would all be playing off scratch which is why coaching and teaching are crucial parts of a PGA Professional’s training – to help thousands of ordinary golfers realise their potential.

Coaxing the best out of amateurs so they can enjoy the sport to the full is the driving force of PGA Members, it’s what they are trained for and it’s why they are integral parts of golf clubs the length and breadth of the UK.

Whether it’s help with a wayward swing, advice on the best equipment (including that new driver you’ve had your eye on) or a simple rules inquiry, PGA pros are there to help the ordinary golfer not only play better but gain more enjoyment too.

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