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Evie Carter - Evie Carter Golf

As a Golf Foundation trustee and PGA Professional, Evie Carter is making a huge impact on female golf participation. Her female coffee mornings at Coalville are open to all ages and abilities and the emphasis is always on having fun and building confidence. 

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Q. What path did you take to become a PGA Pro?
A. My journey to become a qualified PGA Professional has played a really important role in defining who I am today and how I coach.  I went to a small all-girls school, so starting out as the only woman in my year group at The University of Birmingham was a real struggle.  I was very shy and found the first year incredibly overwhelming. 

What I realised, thanks to the help of my family who are incredibly supportive, is that by being out of my comfort zone I was really challenging myself and growing as a person.  This whole experience means that I know exactly how it feels to be uncomfortable in new surroundings, so I have a good understanding of how women feel when they come into a Golf Club!

Q. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
A. I find the junior coaching incredibly rewarding.  The impact that I can make as a coach is almost immediate and always helps them improve.  I am committed to getting more youngsters into the game and am very proud to be one of the Golf Foundation’s trustees. 

Q. Do you have any female specific programmes?
A. I started holding a female coffee morning at Coalville on Wednesdays.  It’s open to all abilities.  They hit 75 balls, natter and have a coffee while I give them a few tips.  I’ve also started delivering girls’ coaching at Denstone College.  They have never had a coach before and have already started to feel happier with their games as a result, which is fantastic. 

Q. Have you noticed any differences between your female and male pupils?
A. Men have a confidence and bravado that women don’t share.  We worry about what people think, which means we can quickly give up on golf because we think we’re not good enough.  The difference is more pronounced in the youngsters I coach.  The girls lack general self-confidence, so the role that I play is quite often more of a psychological one.  They need to understand that even the very best golfers play a bad shot – it’s not the end of the world.

Q. What’s the best advice you can offer a budding golfer or trainee PGA Pro?
A. The same advice – enjoy it!  It’s basic, but whether you are a pupil or a coach, golf should be fun. 

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