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Choosing the right PGA Professional

The PGA is committed to ensuring that the relationship between its members and you as an employer (or deployer) a is productive and proactive relationship which is profitable for both parties.

At the heart of this aspiration lies the need for both parties to understand clearly the roles and responsibilities that each PGA Professional can play within the facility where they work.

Although the membership of The PGA is made up of individuals commonly referred to as PGA Professionals, not all PGA Professionals are the same when one considers the type of skills and knowledge they have, experience in various roles, their successes and achievements, ongoing commitment to personal and professional development, additional and further qualifications, PGA membership classifications etc.

  • To understand the typical roles and responsibilities that you can expect a PGA Professional to carry out in a specific job role (e.g. Club Professional, Director of Golf, Teaching Professional) we recommend you read the PGA Role Descriptors document.

The job description

Writing an objective and specific job description and recruitment advertisement that highlights the role that the PGA Professional will play within the facility, the key responsibilities they will have and the essential skills that they must be able to demonstrate, will help ensure you put the right pro, in the right place, at the right time.

It will also ensure that applicants know exactly what the role is they are applying for, and as such, provide you as the employer/deployer with more applications tailored to the role, rather than of a more generic nature.

As an example:

Advertising for a ‘teaching professional’ is likely to generate far more responses than advertising for a ‘qualified PGA Professional with class AA status (PGA Advanced Professional or higher is desirable)’.

Whilst you may consider more responses to be beneficial in the first instance, remember that you will need to go through each application, and if you receive between 50-60 and 25% of those are clearly not appropriate for the role, you will be spending up to 20 hours sorting through paperwork that is not relevant to the position you are trying to fill.

To minimise the time you spend in searching for the right PGA Professional, target your advert in the first instance to become more time efficient later on in the hiring process.

Our job description checklist will prompt you to offer the key information that our members need to know in order to write targeted letters of application and tailor CV’s to the job role.  It would be advisable to upload your full job description to your company website and link to it from the advertisement placed online at

Additional recruitment support

As well as providing direct access to 7,500 PGA Professionals through and The PGA Professional magazine, The PGA can also offer employers (or deployers) of its members with one-to-one recruitment advice through the PGA Business Relationship Officer network.

If you have read through the Industry Guide and the Role Descriptor documents, and would like further consultation on how to match your facilities ambitions with the skills and competencies of the right PGA Professional, call 01675 470 333.

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