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Industry Guide to PGA Membership

The Professional Golfers' Association enjoys a reputation as having the leading education programme for golf professionals across the world. As a result PGA professionals are equipped to fulfil a range of positions across the golf industry.

To help PGA professionals maintain their standing as experts within golf, the PGA has developed an extensive educational and professional development programme designed to help them meet the needs of the industry.

In addition it has sought to recognise member achievements with new additional categories of PGA Advanced, Fellow, Advanced Fellow and Master Professional status.

To help the golf industry fully understand the structure of PGA membership and PGA member education, The PGA has published a guide for the benefit of the industry.

This document is designed to provide information on the initial training programme undertaken by registered assistants, member education opportunities and membership classifications and titles that are part of the PGA's framework and structure.

Although the membership of the PGA is made up of individuals commonly referred to as 'PGA Golf Professionals', all PGA Professionals have different skills and attributes when one considers the type of role they have, the length of time served in various roles, their successes and achievements, ongoing commitment to personal and professional development, additional and further qualifications and PGA membership classifications.

The guide includes critical pieces of information that employers, golf club committee members and members of the golf industry might need to know when seeking to better understand what differentiates one PGA professional from another.

The 16-page brochure sets out the process by which an individual can become a PGA qualified professional and the conditions by which the two largest classifications of membership are identified (Class 'A' and 'AA' Professionals).

To assist PGA members in fulfilling their career potential, the PGA has developed an extensive training programme and also implemented different membership categories to reflect the skills and talents of its members.

David Colclough, PGA head of member education, said:

"This document will help the members, golf clubs and golf industry in understanding how the different categories designations of the PGA are determined."

To read or download the document click here.

PGA Professional roles