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The Roles of a PGA Professional

They can be used by an employer to help shape a job description for a post they wish to fill, or a position they wish to develop, and by a PGA Professional to identify possible knowledge and skills gaps that they may need to fill in order to meet the needs of a particular role.

The PGA Professional Role Descriptors are designed to highlight some of the typical responsibilities expected of a PGA Professional in their employment.

It should be remembered that the various roles (and the responsibilities which accompany them) are not meant to be in any way exhaustive, and therefore they do not constitute a full description of a particular role. Instead it is highly recommended that an employer and /or PGA Professional should use the role descriptors to add/refine responsibilities to reflect the particular set of circumstances that each PGA Professional works within at a particular facility with its own set of circumstances.

The six example role descriptors that are provided are:

  • PGA Assistant Professional
  • PGA Club Professional
  • PGA Golf Manager/Head Professional
  • PGA Director of Golf
  • PGA Academy Manager
  • PGA Teaching Professional

It is important to state that the role descriptor titles are only offered as a suggestion of the title that might be appropriate. There is no 'Industry Standard' at present, and as such employers are encouraged to use a variety of role descriptors to pull together a job description tailored to a specific club and situation. From there it remains only to determine the job title that is most appropriate.

Using the advice provided, it is hoped that golf clubs, golf professionals, employers and any other interested party can use and adapt these descriptors to help develop roles within the game which benefit all parties concerned.

Leading golf bodies have welcomed the publication of the role descriptors and describe them as a postive move for the industry.

Colin Mayes, Chairman of the UKGCOA, said: "PGA professionals fulfil a very important role at all golf clubs in the UK, and the UKGCOA has been pleased to be able to assist the PGA in the development of these role descriptors, which we believe can help golf course owners (as employers of PGA professionals) best use the skills and talents of their PGA professional to the benefit of the golf club as a business and to golfers who visit the club, either as members or visitors."

Andy Salmon, Scottish Golf Development Manager, has also acknowledged the potential for the resource, saying: "There is no question that our aims of increasing participation, supporting clubs and developing talent are all dependent on the positive involvement of PGA professionals.

"The role of the professional can go way beyond coaching and we welcome the development of Role Descriptors which will support employers in future in their efforts to recruit the right professional for their business objectives."

Similarly, Paul Keeling, Club Services manager for England Golf said: "The landscape of golf has undoubtedly changed over the last few years and is backed up by golf club membership statistics.

"In a difficult climate England Golf and The Professional Golfers' Association recognise that in order for both the club and PGA professionals businesses to succeed, a well-structured partnership is imperative! England Golf fully supports and recommends that our affiliate clubs use the PGA's Role Descriptors guidance document when appraising and developing a good working relationship."

Richard Dixon, Chief Executive of the Golf Union of Wales commented: "The Golf Union of Wales firmly believes that a PGA professional is an essential element of any successful club and that the introduction of Role Descriptors by the PGA will benefit employers enormously in helping them identify the right PGA Professional for their specific needs."

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