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England (Midlands) Region

New captain speaks from experience

18 Feb 18


This year’s Midland region captain Noel Woodman has revealed he was helped by The PGA Benevolent Fund four years ago and has urged his fellow pros to support it.

Woodman, who has succeeded Hawkstone Park’s Keith Williams as captain, has been at Kidderminster Golf Club for six years.

However, he was unable to work for six months of that spell because of a back injury. Which is where the Benevolent Fund’s David Wright and his fellow trustees stepped in.

Woodman, speaking at the annual Regional Members’ Meeting held at Henley Golf Club, recalled: “I’ve been lucky and unlucky.

"I was unlucky insomuch that I injured my back four years ago and needed an operation. It kept me out of the game for six months.

“I wasn’t aware of the Benevolent Fund at the time and it was suggested I gave David Wright a call, which I did. That was when I was lucky - he was fantastic and helped me tremendously.

“There are many cases the Fund has to help but there are limited resources. It does amazing work and I urge you to support it. We might need the fund one day as I did.”

Neilselwyn Smith Award

The meeting also saw Neil Selwyn-Smith, a PGA Master Professional, captain of the Association from 2013–15, tutor and Warwickshire PGA secretary, presented with a Midland Region Lifetime Achievement Award.

In accepting it, Selwyn-Smith (pictured above right with PGA chairman Alan White) thanked all the people who had helped him experience such a successful career and encouraged his fellow pros to get involved with The PGA.

He said: “The more you put into The PGA, the more you get back. The amount I’ve put in, I’ve had tenfold back.

“Don’t sit on the sidelines and fire bullets via Facebook or Twitter. Get involved with The PGA and let your voice be heard in an intelligent manner. If you do, people will listen to you.”

Other regional annual award-winners were:

PGA Coach of the Year – Stuart Brewer (Holme Hall)

PGA Player of the Year – Simon Lilly (Staverton Park)

PGA Professional of the Year (Order of Merit winner) - Adam Keogh (Spalding Golf Club)

TGI Year 3 Assistant of the Year – Daniel Leeke (Royal Mid-Surrey, formerly Hawkstone Park)

TGI Year 2 Assistant of the Year – Stuart Davis (Ormonde Fields)

TGI Year 1 Assistant of the Year – Matthew Pugh (John Reay Golf Centre)

Toby Sunderland Award Midlands nominee – James Whatley



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