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England and Wales (North) Region

Made to measure

02 Feb 17


Mat Webb is the perfect fit for Galvin Green – the winner of the 2016 PGA Assistants’ Championship is as fearless on the course and just as unflinching off it.

The gallant Geordie loves a challenge. His bold nature helped him bag two major titles in 2016 and he’ll be hunting down more in ’17. 

Webb’s not afraid to go for broke on the fairways – and in life. Over the years he’s tackled a fugitive and wrestled a steer to the ground. He’s even tried his hand at rodeo riding. 

With a club in his hand, he’s even more effective. The Bedlingtonshire assistant posted a 12-under-par total in the Galvin Green PGA Assistants’ Championship at Little Aston to beat Rushcliffe’s Ben Hall by two strokes and land the first prize of £5,000 - and a clothing deal with Galvin Green.

Victory in the prestigious event also entitled Webb to play in the PGA of Australia National Futures Championship in October, and take on the best assistants from Down Under.

Despite travelling around the world to Ballarat Golf Club in Victoria, Webb won the weather-disrupted event by an impressive four shots.

With ferocious winds battering the course, the tournament was reduced to three rounds. Webb’s 74, 71, 76 was enough take the title and a share of the $57,000 prize fund. 

Freak weather conditions aside, Webb was impressed with Australia – which was why he has decided to base himself near Sydney during the British winter so that he can fine-tune his game in the warm and hit the ground running when the tournament season gets under way in Europe.

“I am planning on going to China in March to play on the PGA Tour of China,” he explained. 

“I will come back to finish my PGA exams in April and hopefully I will have a card to go back out to China.

“As soon as summer arrives, there are not many events in China so I will come back home and play the PGA events in the UK, maybe some in Europe.

“ I have a general idea of my schedule but think it is important to be flexible. I will be doing everything to ensure I have a good season.”

It’s Webb’s enthusiasm, dedication and individuality that’s made him an ideal role model for Galvin Green as they look to strengthen their position as market leaders – particularly among young golfers in their 20s and early 30s – where their constant innovation, eye catching designs and commitment to quality has earned the brand a strong following.

Just as Webb’s focus is complete – so is Galvin Green’s.

0202Matwebblong“We really focus on trying to be a little bit different in golf clothing – primarily because it is all we do,” explained Greg Pearse, the company’s managing director.

“We are a family business, we do not have shareholders to keep happy.

“Everything we do is all about designing and putting together the very best product. We are passionate about that.”

Webb’s thinking is all about golf – hence his 24-hour flight across the world and a new opportunity. 

He has secured himself a role at Bayview in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney and the plan for 2017 is to devote himself to being the best. 

With no other distractions, he can focus completely on becoming a tour player – even though it will mean being thousands of miles away from home.

“This is like being dropped at the North Pole – to survive, I will have to adapt,” he admitted. 

“I will be away from home, away from friends but ultimately I believe it is challenges like that which make you a better player.

“I am looking to go all out and make myself a better golfer by putting myself in the position where it has to happen. 

“Either I will make it or I won’t – but this is the way to find out. I just thought, why not? 

“I have almost completed my PGA exams, I am well ahead on all my assignments and I want the best possible preparation for the upcoming season.

“I feel in this country over winter if you are not careful you actually go backwards.

“Between now and April I would probably only play one tournament and I need more challenges than that. I need to be practising and playing.”

The 27-year-old is determined to do it his way this year – and he has captured Galvin Green’s spirit in the process.

Their bold step in 2017 is to reduce the number of outlets stocking their range to ensure each one offers the widest range of garments, finest customer service and expert advice.

"It makes us different from a lot of other brands, but we want to ensure that it is special to work with Galvin and special for customers when they go shopping,” Pearse added.

 “We have invested in the stores we are in and have worked on where you find the product.

“Through events like the PGA Assistants’ Championship, we reach out to core golfers. And players like Mat and all his colleagues are the future of the game in whichever direction they develop.”

Tom Burlison, who looks after Galvin Green’s marketing in the UK and Ireland added: “We want to support the next generation of PGA Professionals and, as a brand, Mat is perfect for the brand.

“He embodies our ethos and philosophy - about never compromising. It’s exciting for both of us.”

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