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GB&I Team Captains

List of GB&I PGA Cup team captains.

Year Captain
 2017  Albert MacKenzie
 2015  Jon Bevan
 2013  Russell Weir
 2011  Russell Weir
 2009  Gary Alliss
 2007  Gary Alliss
 2005  Jim Farmer
 2003  David Jones
 2000  David Llewellyn
 1998  Craig DeFoy
 1996  Craig DeFoy
 1994  Michael Ingham
 1992  Paul Leonard
 1990  Richard Bradbury
 1988  David Huish
 1986  Derek Nash
 1984  Keith Hockey
 1983  Keith Hockey
 1982  David Jones
 1981  Doug Smith
 1980  David Talbot
 1979  Bill Watson
 1978  Tommy Horton
 1977  Jack Hargreaves
 1976  George Will
 1975  Christy O'Connor
 1974  Bryon Hutchinson
 1973  Tom Haliburton
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