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Top roles for a PGA professional

Your career in golf is waiting.

Graduation from the Training Programme can lead to a variety of career opportunities anywhere in the world.

With a PGA backed qualification and access to over 80 roles globally, who knows where your career could take you?

To start your career in golf, look at the education courses available to help you qualify to become a PGA Member.

Club/Head Professional

The modern PGA club professional is at the heart of any golf club. Duties will vary according to the size of club.

Teaching Professional

Many PGA Professionals specialise in teaching and coaching and are employed solely on that basis.

Director of Golf

As experts in golf, PGA Professionals are ideally placed to fulfil managerial roles at bigger golf facilities.

Custom-fit Technician

Extensive training in equipment and technology can lead to roles in custom fitting centres.

Clubmaker and Repairer

PGA Professionals still learn the art of making and repairing clubs so when the head of your favourite seven iron flies off, rest assured your PGA pro can fix it.

National Coach

Many PGA Professionals play key roles in developing the best young amateur players and the implementation of county and National coaching programmes.


Many PGA Professionals use their expertise in golf to develop the retail side of golfing facilities, offering golfers expert advice and added customer service.

General Manager

With marketing and business skills, more PGA Professionals are now responsible for administering all aspects of the golf club.

Featured role - Club/Head Professional

The modern PGA club professional is at the heart of any golf club. Responsibilities and duties will vary according to the size of club but typically the role will include giving lessons, club repairs and custom fitting, organising and coaching juniors, stocking and running a successful club shop, handling the day to day affairs of a golf club, marketing the club to attract new members and retain existing ones, organisation of competitions, corporate days and pro-ams and liaising with greenkeeping staff in the upkeep, maintenance and development of the course.

Colin Sinclair is the head professional at eight-time Open Championship venue Carnoustie. Colin reveals what it is like to work at an Open Championship venue.