Restrictions Business Fund Extension (Wales)

The Welsh Government has announced its latest top-up to the Restrictions Business Fund with a total value of £30m which is to be used by individual local authorities to provide support to both rate-paying businesses and, by way of Local Discretionary Grants of up to £2,000, to eligible businesses which are not registered on the non-domestic rates (NDR) system.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Restrictions Business Fund Extension.

This extension of support through Local Discretionary Grants is aimed at mitigating the impact of the current national restrictions on businesses that are unable to access grant funding through the NDR system. This may be of value to a some PGA Members in Wales.

Local Discretionary Grants will be distributed by each local authority in Wales on a first come first served basis, until funds are fully used.

PGA Members who consider they may be eligible for this funding are therefore encouraged to apply as soon as application forms for the Local Discretionary Grant become available during the week commencing 8 February 2021.

The application forms will be accessible through the relevant local authority website



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