Packexe - steering you on course to safety

Packexe - steering you on course to safety


Market leaders throughout the trades, a well-known brand within the emergency services and with products in the automotive, rail, construction, and building industries, Packexe Ltd has remained at the forefront of innovation since 1989.

The company’s most recent line of innovation is designed specifically for the protection of steering wheels making it an ideal addition for all golf courses.

Applying the Packexe steering wheel cover provides full protection against the spread of contamination, mud, dirt, and sand, while the cover prevents any direct contact between golfer and surface without limiting functionality.

Used by well known car dealers in the UK, the need for the product increased during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As well as wearing gloves, mechanics apply the steering wheel cover to customer cars prior to carrying out maintenance. Application increases both customer and worker safety as the film provides protection from potential contamination living on and reaching the surface.

Adopting this technique throughout the golf course would allow clubs to continue with golf buggy hires safely and hygienically, offering peace of mind for staff and golfers.

With the company’s green ethos and, like all Packexe films, the quality allows for full recyclability meaning the covers can be applied, removed, and recycled after use. 

Each cover is provided on a roll of 150 applications and the self-adhesive quality allows for a secure hold without leaving a residue on removal. Cleaning becomes simpler as exposure to cleaning chemicals is reduced and cleaning time is cut. The covers can also act as protection during vehicle maintenance, avoiding any oil or substance spills reaching the wheel.

Like many businesses, the last few months have seen Packexe adapt to the ongoing pandemic, supplying their range of self-adhesive protection films to both UK and overseas emergency services. When applied to ambulance interiors the film acts as a preventative barrier between contamination from contagious patients and the vehicle surface. 

Responding to the needs of their customers is a value Packexe stand by. Earlier this year, following reports of multiple device failures from an Ambulance service amidst the outbreak, Packexe created a product to specifically fit the service laptops.  The film meant the devices could sustain the rigorous required cleaning whilst remaining protected against contamination spread. The overall success of the product saved the service a substantial amount of money and avoided further device loss.

Packexe products have been used in healthcare for the last ten years and are proven to reduce contamination by up to 100% in a selection of medical environments. The Packexe infection control system is used by members of the public, medical personnel and industry staff in the UK, Taiwan and Australia. Available in varying roll lengths the small protective sheets are designed to cover mobile phones, medical PDA’s and all high traffic contact areas.

As golf courses begin to reopen with onsite cafes, restaurants and shops alongside them the Infection Control system is an effective way to ensure customer safety remains a top priority. Applying the sheets to PDQ machines, vending machines, golf trolley handles, bucket handles and more can give customers an added layer of protection as they move around the course.

The reliability of Packexe products is executed in their design. Branded for traceability and recognition, all films are printed with the company name. “All Packexe films are designed with care, precision and detail” says Packexe CEO Andrew Orchard, “I’m sure any company would feel similarly about branding their products if they had the same confidence in them.”

The company’s success and brand quality has been accredited in recent years with their accumulation of prestigious awards. In 2016 the company were awarded a royal warrant for their supply of protection films to the Royal Household, a sought after and esteemed accolade. Alongside this they were earlier this year awarded a Queens Award for enterprise in the category of innovation for their increasingly popular extrication tool, Packexe SMASH.   

With the introduction of SMASH, Packexe showed a real advancement in extrication systems. Packexe SMASH ensures that vehicle glass is managed while extrication is taking place. With its application the glass is securely held, allowing emergency personnel to cut through vehicles without risking injury, as well as offering protection for those trapped inside the vehicle.

The addition of the golf market, increasing the accessibility of their infection control system and with the imminent launch of products for glazier and recovery services, Packexe are overcoming the ongoing uncertainty that’s presented itself over the last few months and are excited to see how these new opportunities progress.

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