Rule becomes youngest female PGA Advanced Professional

Rule becomes youngest female PGA Advanced Professional


Somerset-based Katie Rule has turned being unable to work during the lockdown into a huge positive by using the time to become the youngest female to attain PGA Advanced Professional status.

The 27-year-old, who is attached to Mendip Spring Golf Club, near Bristol, is also the youngest pro of either gender to achieve The PGA’s Director of Golf qualification.

“That was three years ago when I was 24,” said Rule, reflecting on her latest achievement.

“It was very frustrating not being able to work so I was determined to put the free time to good use.

“It’s fair to say I was on a mission. Once I know I want to complete something I just do it. Working two or three hours a day, this took me six weeks.”

Attaining PGA Advanced Professional status was not the only way Rule made the best use of her free time during the enforced period of inactivity.

Her series of lockdown lessons involving drills utilising household items such as a saucer, table tennis bat, chopping board and a clothes-line that were uploaded to You Tube has paid dividends.

“They led to two interviews with Radio Cornwall and some local press coverage,”added Rule, whose father, John, is a retired PGA Professional.

“Links to the lessons were also emailed to Mendip Spring members and I received loads of positive feedback.

“So much so that I have been overwhelmed by the number of bookings I have had since the restrictions on coaching were lifted. I’ve never been so busy!”