SkyCaddie launches 'Masterclass' videos

SkyCaddie launches 'Masterclass' videos


SkyCaddie yardages set the industry standard. The brand’s detailed on-foot mapping of every course is the acknowledged benchmark for GPS measurement as regards golf courses.

In 2021, you will be able to download the day’s pin positions for every PGA national tournament onto your SkyCaddie. Plans have also been made for competitors on the Legends Tour (formerly European Seniors / Staysure Tour), EuroPro Tour and Ladies European Tour Access to have the same service, with more Tours set to follow.

Now, SkyCaddie has launched a series of Masterclass videos aimed at today’s technology-aware generation of PGA Assistant Professionals and advanced golfers who want to use all available tech to help them score better.

These videos show golfers how to plan the hole ahead using SkyCaddie’s SX400 and SX500 handhelds, with instant, detailed yardages which go way beyond the laser + yardage book combination.

So now is the time to familiarise yourself with SkyCaddie’s unique features, and to get golf’s most comprehensive yardages.

Laborious distance calculations using laser and yardage books should be a thing of the past.

Steal the advantage, become a super-user of SkyCaddie’s latest GPS technology, and watch SkyCaddie’s three new short Masterclass videos now.

SkyCaddie Masterclass 1: IntelliPath

SkyCaddie’s exclusive, highly accurate IntelliPath feature is now used by a growing number of professional golfers to help them plan the hole ahead – including over 50% of golfers on the Legends Tour.

This video uses the dangerous dog-leg 8th at San Lorenzo to demo how IntelliPath helps you to see runout and carry yardages, impossible to get with a laser.  How much of the corner can you safely cut, and what lies over those bunkers? Where does the rough begin and end? What’s the runout to the water ahead? What distance would remain to the green, if I hit my target?

IntelliPath removes the need for multiple laser measurements, and speeds up play. With SkyCaddie yardages set to be used in all 2021 PGA national tournaments, get ahead of your competitors by learning how to use this very simple NEW feature!

SkyCaddie Masterclass 2: IntelliGreen

Here’s why golfers and PGA Professionals are now using SkyCaddie’s IntelliGreen feature to help them plan their shots to the green.

This video uses the uphill Par Three 14th on Wentworth’s West Course to demo how IntelliGreen gives you complete green information, even when the hole is uphill making it a challenge to laser to anything but the tip of the pin. IntelliPath, which is only available on a SkyCaddie, gives you accurate yardages to all key green features including today’s pin positions (when used with SkyCaddie Custom Pins), major contours, greenside hazards, and the entire green shape from your angle of attack.

You’ll never play blind again, no matter where you are on the hole. With SkyCaddie yardages set to be used in all 2021 PGA national tournaments, get ahead of your competitors by learning how to use this very simple feature!

SkyCaddie Masterclass 3: Smarter Layups

When a layup makes sense, here’s how to instantly pick out the right shot by using your SkyCaddie’s advanced features.

This video uses the spectacular 17th at The Oxfordshire to show how quickly a SkyCaddie can help you layup to the right distance, and to make your shot choices. No need for multiple laser measurements, and no worries about line-of-sight. With SkyCaddie yardages set to be used in all 2021 PGA national tournaments, get ahead of your competitors and make smarter layups with a SkyCaddie.

SPECIAL PGA-ONLY PRICING … SX500 only £180 + VAT, SX400 only £150 + VAT … huge savings on RRPs! Email or call 01844 296358.

IntelliPath is only available on the SkyCaddie SX400 and SX500. IntelliGreen is available on the SkyCaddie SX400 and SX500, plus the LX5 and LX5C GPS Smart Watches.

All SkyCaddie devices assist you with Smarter Layups.

SkyCaddie SX400 and SX500 are available at £50 off normal RRP until Dec 31st 2020. SkyCaddie LX5 and LX5C are £20 off until Dec 31st2020.

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