A home away from home in Abu Dhabi

A home away from home in Abu Dhabi


There’s no doubt that the PGA Training Programme is a gateway to the world and it’s taken Dublin native Amy Condon all the way to Abu Dhabi Golf Club where she is the Head PGA Professional.

Condon, who turned professional aged 21, came through a challenging time, studying her PGA degree during the Covid-19 pandemic but it was a course she thoroughly enjoyed, completing her training under Karl O’Donnell at Newlands Golf Club and Peter Morgan at Elm Park.

She feels the environment that she trained in gave her the tools to implement everything she learned while studying the PGA degree.

“What I loved about working under Peter Morgan while studying the PGA is you really got to implement everything you were learning while training. We were either doing repairs, shadowing Peter, teaching groups or kids, running competitions, looking after the members, selling goods in the pro shop. With the club that I was in, I got to experience everything.

“It’s one of the best degrees. It can take you anywhere in the world and gives you a taste of everything. If you want to be a director of golf, a head pro, a coach, a custom fitter, you can.”

Condon’s coaching philosophy is to simplify the game and create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during lessons while addressing essential elements of the golf swing.

Condon’s first venture into the Middle East took her to the Claude Harmon Performance Golf Academy in Dubai in October 2021 where she worked for a year.

But it’s Abu Dhabi Golf Club where she has made her name over the last two years, becoming an elite level golf instructor, teaching golf to mostly expats and local Emirati women.

“Abu Dhabi is stunning. There’s a nicer pace of life which is very family orientated and the people want to get to know you. It’s not just about money and lessons, it’s incredible here. You can have the work life balance which is very important,” she explains.

“I love it here. I feel very fortunate to be out here in the national golf course in the UAE.

“It’s polar opposite to what we see in Ireland, so the pro shops are run by Prosport and EGolf which is like McGuirks and Halpenny back home. They will have their own staff to run the shop so my role is strictly for teaching golf.

“It’s a great opportunity to teach golf, we get plenty of expats. I have maybe 70% expats and 30% Emirati women. I feel with being the only female PGA Professional across Abu Dhabi it’s a big draw to the local women. We have a local group come to me on Thursday and it’s a really nice environment for them to learn. English is their second language and it’s a nice quiet and comfortable place for them, Thursday’s are quieter at the golf club which helps.”

“Because the PGA qualification is so well regarded, it helps you get a job. Never did I think I would be working in Abu Dhabi!


Condon credits the PGA programme as the reason she is working abroad and says the degree is like another passport and shows how highly regarded the PGA qualification is.

“Because it’s so well regarded, it helps you get a job. Never did I think I would be working in Abu Dhabi!

“It’s very business and number orientated over here and the distance from family and home can be tough. I struggled with it a bit but now I’m taking it in my stride and I’ve put what I learned in the PGA into practice and become the best coach that I can.

“I’ve learned to stand on my own two feet being abroad and The PGA helps you do that.”

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows as she describes it, the weather can be a challenge. During the summer, temperatures can peak at 57 degrees celsius so Condon gets the bulk of her lessons and coaching camps done between September and June.

Condon works around the piercing heat and incredible humidity by giving lessons early in the morning or later into the evening.

“It’s a massive factor. My contract is nine months on, three months off so I usually fly home during the summer and come back in September for the busy months. We finish up in the first week of June because the humidity is unbearable.

“It’s worth it though because if you do a good job, the clients will come and want to come and the weather will not come into consideration. You can work around the heat and have lessons early in the morning or later into the evening.

“You wouldn’t catch me out in the heat in the afternoon with my Irish skin sizzling away! If they want a lesson at 5am, no problem.”

While settling in to life in the UAE was a challenge in the beginning, Condon has found her home away from home and is thriving in Abu Dhabi Golf Club.



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