Adie turns author

Adie turns author


We’ve all got a book in us – or so the phrase goes. Well, certainly PGA Fellow Professional Adrienne Engleman has. Adie, who is based at Colmworth Golf Club in Bedfordshire has just published her very first title ’50 Simple Tips For Simply Better Golf’. Much to her delight – and possibly surprise – the book has been very well received, riding high on Amazon’s golf best sellers no less. Not only did she craft the words for ’50 Simple Tip...’ she also had the flair and skill to illustrate her work.

Clearly, there are no limits to Adie’s talents…and  in our interview below, we find out how the one-time Ladies European Tour player now has added the words ‘author’ to her already impressive CV…

How does it feel to become a published author?

Pretty amazing actually. I'm still on cloud nine at the moment as the feedback I've had so far has been absolutely fantastic! It's also quite surreal at the same time. Years ago when I was just in my early teens, I had some lessons with the late, great Beverly Lewis – a former PGA captain – and I purchased her book 'Golf For Women'. And I remember thinking back then that I'd love to be a golf coach myself one day and perhaps even write my own golf book – and here we are. Beverly was truly inspirational, along with several other great coaches that I've had the privilege of working with over the years.

What were the key factors that prompted you to write a book?

In all honesty, since being accorded the status of PGA Fellow Professional, and then more recently being listed as one of Golf Monthly's Top 50 Coaches, I've much more self-belief in my abilities as a golf coach. So I think these were the key factors that not only prompted me but also gave me the confidence to write my book.

How did you go about developing the idea and then planning the content?

I wanted to develop my idea of a 'simple' golf instruction book for all ages and abilities. So I did some research online but couldn't really find anything as 'simple' as I wanted to develop. So, instead, I just spent some time asking my existing students what they'd like to see and read in a golf instruction book. The vast majority of them just said something along the lines of "I'd like to see and read exactly what you're coaching me Adie" – and that was that.

Once I had my first draft ready, I sent copies to several of my students to read, some of whom were novice golfers and some advanced low single-figure handicap golf players. I also sent copies to some family and friends, some of whom have never even held a golf club. Everyone's comments were incredibly valuable and massively positive too.

Did you partner with a journalist or author on the project or simply sit down and get the words on the page?

I simply sat down and initially put pen to paper but then quickly realised that my book was going to have very few words and instead was going to need 50 'simple', but effective, illustrations. So I then put pencil to paper! I love writing and drawing, so once I had my draft sketches ready, I implemented and improved on these within a PowerPoint presentation. And then once I was happy with everything, I transferred it all on to a PDF.

What were the challenges in writing a book?

I think the biggest challenge was ensuring that I used all the correct golf coaching terminology required – but at the same time ensuring that that terminology was 'simple' enough for everyone to understand and relate to. My coaching philosophy, and methodology is to simplify things and to provide my students with choices, so I really wanted to get these points across in my book and I've been told by many of my readers that I have.

Did you ever feel like giving up?

No, not at all. I loved every minute, hour, day, week, month and year of it!

How did you get the book published and on to Amazon?

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for self-publishing eBooks and paperbacks is so simple to use and implement. Like I said before, I had my book all ready and prepared on a PDF, so I just transferred this on to KDP and – voila! My eBook and paperback were published just like that.

How have you sought to promote and market your book? Is social media effective in this area?

I initially purchased a few dozen 'author copies' on KDP, just to see if my students were interested in purchasing a copy, and those copies were sold within just a matter of days. So, I then purchased another few hundred copies but in the interim I'd sent out an email to my student database – and my golf club also kindly sent out an email to their database too. The orders started to overwhelmingly flood in and not only on Amazon, but direct through my website as well. I've since added my book to and sold copies on eBay, and I've started marketing on the likes of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, all of which are having an impact with views, clicks and then subsequent sales.

What advice would you give to other PGA professionals who are thinking they may have a book in them?

You've nothing to lose, bar your time, so just go for it as if you don't try, you'll never know. However, don't rush anything. My book has been in my head for years, and I only started contemplating writing it during the first Covid lockdown period. Then it wasn't until this past winter that I decided to seriously go for it and it took me the best part of six months, in between still coaching all of my students, to complete my book. Family and friends have recently been saying to me that I must now regret that I didn't publish a book sooner, but I have no regrets, whatsoever. The right time was now.

How has your book been received by friends, family and golfers?

Friends and family have been very supportive, and my wider golf network has been very complimentary, providing me with some excellent reviews too. In fact, I'm utilising these reviews to promote my book further, and since doing so, my book has reached number one on Amazon's 'Hot New Releases in Golf' list. My book has also reached number four on Amazon's 'Best Sellers in Golf' list as well.

What's next? Are there plans in the pipeline for a follow-up?

Yes, I'm planning on at least one more book in this particular series and I've at least another two book ideas floating around in my head at the moment too! However, before I progress any further, I want to explore how I can get my book published elsewhere, rather than just on Amazon, so I think it may be some time yet before another book – hopefully – comes to fruition!

Adrienne is based at Colmworth Golf Club in Bedfordshire and can be contacted via her website;

Interview: Tony Rushmer


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