David Higgins – The hunger remains undiminished

David Higgins – The hunger remains undiminished


David Higgins, the three-time Irish PGA Champion, reflects on his golfing journey spanning 40 years, in a recent interview with Irish Golfer’s Peter Finnan.

Despite the evolution of the game, Higgin’s competitive spirit remains unyielding. Now eyeing the Legends Tour, the 51-year-old delves into his motivations and family legacy.

Key takeaways:

Generational victory: Higgin’s recent Irish PGA Championship victory marks a triumphant return to a tournament his father won 40 years earlier, showcasing a unique family legacy.

Mastery of tough conditions: Higgins thrives in challenging conditions, attributing his success to a lifetime of experience and a unique affinity for windy, links-style courses. “I’ve always done well in bad weather throughout my career,” Higgins reminisced. “I suppose I grind it out a bit more. As kids we did go out there in bad weather and they weren’t bringing you in back then, so I suppose I got used to it and I was always good at it. You just have to dig deep and keep going.”

Evolution and fitness: Acknowledging changes in golf, Higgins emphasises the importance of fitness in the modern game, sharing his commitment to staying competitive against younger players. “Fitness is a huge thing,” Higgins explains. “You see the young guys out here, they’re fit, strong lads and I’ve been working hard on my fitness for five years or so now. You feel tougher mentally and you feel better equipped to compete with the young lads.”

Regional tour challenges: The landscape of regional golf tours has shifted, presenting challenges for professionals like Higgins who must balance competitiveness with the need to provide a positive experience for amateur playing partners.

Legends Tour aspirations: Turning 50 opens a new door for Higgins and earning a spot on the Legends Tour is his long-term goal, inspired by peers like Peter Baker and fuelled by the desire to complete his family's golfing legacy. “That’s my long-term goal,” Higgins says. “That and qualifying for the Senior British Open. I played a couple this year and did okay, but I just need to get in full time. It’s not easy getting in just for one or two, you must get in and play all the events.”

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