Final PGA Excel awardees for 2023 revealed!

Final PGA Excel awardees for 2023 revealed!


The PGA has revealed the names of the final batch of awardees for 2023 who have achieved a new Membership designation through the Association’s PGA Excel framework.

Introduced in October last year as a replacement for the previous APAL system, PGA Excel enables PGA Members to showcase their impact, achievements and value to employers, golfers and the wider industry.

A brand-new innovative digital platform enables PGA Members to seamlessly submit an online application with the aim of progressing through distinct membership designations and setting themselves apart from their peers.

Following a fourth and final comprehensive assessment process this year, the Association can proudly reveal 11 PGA Members have achieved a new designation. The awards signify their remarkable impact and achievements within their respective membership categories: PGA Professional, PGA Coach, and PGA Manager.

The following PGA Members have been awarded in the following categories:


Fellow: David McNicholas

Advanced: Carl Crown  /  James Jankowski  /  Sean Fay  /  Benjamin Light


Advanced Fellow: Jamie McConnell

Fellow: Carlo Ciullo

Advanced: Helen Seccombe  /  Steve Cowle


Advanced: Conor Rogers  /  Graeme Nethercott

Reflecting on his new PGA Advanced Professional status, Sean Fay (pictured) said: “I’m extremely proud of this achievement and it has given me the appetite to continue with PGA Excel in the future.

“I have recently become the Head of Golf at The Carnegie Club, so having PGA Advanced Professional status perfectly aligns to the role and allows me to further develop the golf operation at the club.”

Helen Seccombe, who is based at The Hertsmere and has been made a PGA Advanced Coach, said: “My career as a PGA Coach has not been an easy one at times, but to know that my hard work and perseverance has earned me this award is honestly something that I can say I am extremely proud of.

“PGA Excel has helped me refocus on myself and has pushed me to keep on learning and become the best coach I can possibly be, for my clients, my colleagues and myself.”

Commenting on the success of the latest batch of PGA Excel awardees for 2023, Tristan Crew – PGA Executive Director – Membership, said: “Congratulations to the 11 PGA Members recognised for their exceptional dedication and achievement in attaining their new PGA designations through PGA Excel.

“These PGA Professionals, PGA Coaches and PGA Managers have exhibited an exemplary commitment, articulating their significant contributions across the golf industry throughout their careers. Their demonstration of impact and achievement aligns with the benchmarks set by PGA Excel, showcasing their continuous growth in their respective fields.

“We hope to see more PGA Members engage with PGA Excel over the winter months. Advancing through the designations (Advanced, Fellow, Advanced Fellow and Master) not only fulfils the career aspirations of many Members, but also showcases the value they bring to the golf industry.”

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