Hannah Bowen - How self-development has aided my career progression

Hannah Bowen - How self-development has aided my career progression


Hannah Bowen (Hampstead Golf Club) recently came through The PGA Training Programme and is an Ambassador for the Golf Union of Wales, encouraging females and families to take up golf. Bowen explains the importance of self-development for PGA Members and why PGA Excel is a ‘must’ for her peers.

PGA Excel is a new, best-in-class assessment framework that enables PGA Members to demonstrate your impact and achievement to employers, golfers and the wider industry.

CLICK HERE to find out everything you need to know about PGA Excel and to download a useful brochure.

What made you decide to engage with APAL?

APAL/PGA Excel is a way to get recognised for my dedication to golf and making positive changes in the industry.

What was your motivation to start your application?

I have always wanted to improve my PGA status, although I didn't know if this was possible with the work I had done and even if it was enough to improve my standing. The global pandemic hit and I then had time to start my application process.

What do you hope to get from engaging with APAL/CPD?

Respect within the industry and recognition for the work that I have done to make the game accessible and achievable for all. Championing inclusivity by working to break down the barriers of disability, socio-economic and cultural factors in golf.

How important is PGA Excel to your career progression?

Both are important to showcase your willingness to continuously improve your skills and learn. That can be a great quality to have to increase your chances of employment.

How important do you think self-development is to your employer and potential new employers?

When we qualify as PGA Professionals we are all starting off on the same level playing field. By engaging in APAL, you can set yourself apart from other applicants when applying for another job. By having the title, you can then prove your experience and knowledge in the industry, which inevitably means if you choose you can increase your lesson prices and even renegotiate your retainer.

Why do you think it's important for PGA Members to engage with PGA Excel?

By engaging you are showing your adaptability in a forever evolving industry. The CPD for any PGA Member keeps you current in the industry. It is also one of the simplest certificates to gain.

Why do you think some PGA Professionals aren't doing APAL?

Lack of time to apply, knowledge of what APAL requires, fear of failure, no motivation to it being worth their time if they are settled and have worked at the same facility for years.

What would you say to other PGA Professionals to encourage them to engage with PGA Excel?

One thing I learned while completing my application was how proud I should be at the strides I have made in the industry to make an impact in such a short space of time being a qualified professional. Filling out the application and writing down all the incredible things you have done within the industry can be incredibly rewarding. Being recognised by The R&A and The PGA for those achievement can be even better. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Instead of swiping through Netflix to find a new Christmas film to kill time, you are better killing your time more productively and starting your APAL application.

CLICK HERE to find out everything you need to know about PGA Excel and to download a useful brochure.


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