MacNiven brings Golf Principles to Brokenhurst Manor

MacNiven brings Golf Principles to Brokenhurst Manor


Jason MacNiven, the founder of the independent family owned and run Golf Principles fitting studio business that’s been thriving for over a decade in Basingstoke, has just started his next studio venture. This time it’s at the heart of a whole new business strategy for one of Hampshire’s oldest golf clubs - Brokenhurst Manor.

These days it’s not unusual for a golf club to be installing a new teaching studio, but MacNiven’s focus with Golf Principles is specifically on the club fitting angle, and for any golfer of any ability.

To put that into context, that means 14 different brands and manufacturers of golf clubs can be trialled and fitted in pursuit of the perfect combination of shaft, loft and flex that will all together work in complete harmony with someone’s natural swing.

As MacNiven explains: “Then and only then, as we have proven to every kind of golfer over the past 14 years, can you start to play golf to your full capability. We watch, we listen, we measure, we test, we trial, we advise, we define and then we test and trial some more.”

He continues: “Eventually, using the detailed information given by our Trackman System, we can provide you with the perfect combination of heads, shafts and grips to optimise your distance and minimise dispersion. We will even recommend what type of ball you should be using. And that unique proposition is what I’m bringing to Brokenhurst Manor.”

He adds: “The studio will focus on fitting, because we’ve demonstrated that club fitting has a very wide appeal and attracts hundreds of golfers from all around the region. But we’ll also enable it to be turned into a teaching studio for lessons as we’re also taking over the club’s pro shop as part of this deal.”

His goal is turning this traditional golf club, as MacNiven describes it: “…into the most progressive, even the best on course experience anywhere. Besides one of the finest traditional heath and woodland 18 hole golf courses created by the hand of Harry Colt, there’s going to be all sorts of other ways for anyone to experience golf: the fitting studio, a world class 90 to 100 yards short game facility with Huxley surfaced target greens and tees, and even a putting lab.”

He adds: “We are trying to create something designed for 21st century lifestyles that prefer informality and openness mixed with style and design when they come to enjoy their golf, on and off the course.”

Club Manager Kevin Light summarises: “This is a very exciting time for Brokenhurst Manor. Golf is looking for different ways to adapt to the fundamental changes and trends, and we think that by combining Golf Principles with our progressively minded club, we’re all really onto something different.”