Outward Boundy – From Shropshire to Beverley Hills

Outward Boundy – From Shropshire to Beverley Hills


Shropshire-born PGA Professional Harrison Boundy charts the journey that has taken him from working as an assistant at The Oxfordshire to his latest role at the exclusive Hillcrest Country Club in Beverly Hills, California.

What has been your career path to date?

I grew up in Shropshire and started playing golf from a young age. After I finished school, I had to make the choice to either study in America on a golf scholarship or enroll in The PGA Training Programme at the University of Birmingham. I decided to enroll with The PGA and at the same time I started work as an Assistant Professional at The Oxfordshire Golf Club, where I fully fell in love with the game and soon realised what an interesting and varied career I could have in the world of golf.

I then moved to work at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club as a PGA Assistant and then on to Woking Golf Club as the PGA Head Assistant Professional, where I qualified and became a full member of The PGA in 2015. Once I had gained my PGA qualification, and had built a solid foundation working under some of most highly regarded professionals in the country, I knew I was ready to become a Head Professional.

In 2016, I become one of the youngest head pros in the UK at Newcastle-Under-Lyme Golf Club in Staffordshire, where I stayed for two years. During that time I ran my own retail and coaching business at the club and employed two PGA Assistant Professionals. In 2018, I was runner up for the TGI New Partner of Year award, which recognised my business for its fast and successful growth.

In 2019, I decided to take a year out and travel the world to gain an understanding of the golfing industry internationally. I spent time in Melbourne and Sydney and parts of Asia. I networked with fellow golf pros to get a feel for what it would be like to work abroad as it was something I was curious about. By the end of the year, I was convinced that working in a different country was something I wanted to do. In 2020, I started working as PGA Head Assistant at Les Bordes in France. It was an exciting time to join the team as the club had just added the new Gill Hanse course to the estate. It went on to rank in the top 100 best golf courses in the world. In 2022, I moved to my current position as a PGA Professional at Hillcrest Country Club in Beverly Hills, California.

How did you find out about the job at Hillcrest?

I reached out to connect with Head Professionals in the Los Angeles area while I was on winter holiday in 2022. I then looked into the visa process with an immigration lawyer and was fortunate enough to fall under the 0-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa. However, as per the requirements of the visa, I needed a sponsor and a job offer.  Armed with this knowledge, I decided to leave my job in France and move to Los Angeles on a three-month tourist visa to try and secure both. This was a very daunting process, yet very exciting at the same time. In those three months, I connected with as many people as possible and managed to get a sponsor and a job offer from Hillcrest, and I then applied for the visa.

Describe the facilities on offer at Hillcrest Country Club?

Hillcrest has some of the best facilities in the US, with a newly renovated 18-hole championship golf course designed by Kyle Phillips, a 5-hole par 3 course, multiple putting and chipping greens, and a 350-yard grass driving range with Trackman.

What does a typical working day involve?

I teach and play golf with members daily. I also assist the Head Professional in tournament organisation and maintaining inventory for the pro shop.

What are the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of your job?

The most rewarding aspect is when I see clients reaching their golf potential. The most challenging is learning the procedures of a new club and navigating the cultural differences that come with working in a different country.

What do you aim or are hoping to achieve in this new role?

I have just enrolled in the PGA of America training and I’m looking forward to completing it this year. Having both the British PGA membership and American PGA membership will be a great achievement.

How many staff are employed at the country club?

There are five golf professionals and over 500 support staff employed at the country club.

How would you describe your coaching style and what kind of players are you coaching?

My coaching style is to keep things as simple as possible. I like to focus on one aspect at a time so clients can have a clear plan and know what to work on in order to achieve their goals. I teach all types of golfers from complete beginners to scratch golfers. We also have a busy junior and women’s programme which I organise and coach weekly.

How easy has it been to settle into the US way of life? What do you do away from work?

It’s been easy. It does help that there is no language barrier. There are similarities between the US and the UK, except for the weather. We are lucky to have nice weather year-round in southern California. In my free time, I like to go to the gym to keep as fit as possible, and I love going on hikes with my fiancé Jess and my dog Mumford.

Have you had any mentors during your career or someone who you have been able to lean on for advice? If so, who and what have you learned from them?

Yes, Carl Bianco, the Head Professional at Woking Golf Club, helped and guided me in the right direction when working under him. He also helped me succeed with my visa by writing required references. I am very grateful for all he has taught me and all he has done for me.

What do you know now that you wish you’d have known when you first started out?

The importance of working on your mental and physical health as it can really boost your confidence in your personal and professional life.

What advice would you pass on to other PGA Members who may be thinking about working overseas?

I would suggest that they travel around to learn how the industry operates in other countries and connect with as many people as possible. Always stay professional, you might bump into someone who can help your career down the road.


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