PGA Excel proves rewarding for James Jankowski

PGA Excel proves rewarding for James Jankowski


Golf Monthly Top-50 Coach James Jankowski ended 2023 on a high, having been awarded ‘PGA Advanced Professional status through the Association's PGA Excel framework. James believes PGA Excel can offer “a transformative and beneficial experience” for PGA Members committed to progressing in their chosen career.

What inspired the initiation of your PGA Excel application?

I was motivated to begin my PGA Excel journey after witnessing the impressive achievements of fellow PGA members on social media. The official email from the PGA further piqued my interest, prompting me to explore further.

How crucial is personal development in your professional life?

Personal development holds immense significance for me. Continuously expanding my knowledge and enhancing my business skills are integral aspects of my commitment to growth and success.

What are your impressions of the new online PGA Excel process?

While I lack a basis for comparison with the previous method, the online process proved to be straightforward. The ability to save progress and revisit later was a particularly convenient feature that added to the overall positive experience.

What does being awarded Advanced PGA Professional status mean to you?

Achieving ‘Advanced’ status is genuinely gratifying. It serves as a recognition of my journey and endeavours, validating the hard work and dedication I've invested in my professional development.

Do you plan to continue your PGA Excel journey in the future?

Absolutely. I am committed to applying for further accreditation status next year, continuing my pursuit of excellence within the PGA Excel program.

What advice would you offer to fellow PGA Members considering starting their PGA Excel journey?

Embarking on the PGA Excel journey is easy. The application process is user-friendly and there is constructive feedback received from the PGA upon completion.

How do you perceive the importance of PGA Excel to the golf industry?

While I may not deem PGA Excel crucial to the entire golf industry, it undoubtedly holds significance for individuals involved. The program can be a transformative and beneficial experience for those committed to personal and professional growth.

In what ways do you plan to leverage your new PGA Excel status to advance your career?

While I may not directly utilise the status in my self-employed capacity, it serves as a testament to my commitment to learning and improvement. Plus, I believe it can help clients understand my dedication.

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