PGA Members to the fore at McGuirks Golf

PGA Members to the fore at McGuirks Golf


With no fewer than 30 PGA Members employed across Ireland, McGuirks Golf Operations Manager – Philip Ring – outlines why the strong alliance the company has with The PGA and explains why it provides the perfect platform for aspiring PGA Members to enter the golf industry.

“There is great history between McGuirks Golf and The PGA and that will continue into the future,” says Ring, himself a PGA Professional. “Our Managing Director, Michael McGuirk, is a PGA Professional, his right-hand man, Paul Turner, is a PGA Professional and we have five pros who manage the stores and another nine who are custom fitters.

“Jonny Yates is one of the touring pros who works for us and is head of transfers. He’s one of the best guys we have. His work ethic is phenomenal and you can see he takes that out onto the golf course, he’s an incredible guy.

“Tara Delaney manages our Kilkenny store and Ryan Madigan is in Waterford and they both have assistant professionals. From the top down from Michael to floor staff, we have a range of roles filled by PGA Members.”

Ring is adamant that golf clubs should be eager to hire a PGA Member given the education they receive while studying through the PGA Training Programme. Ring, who completed his PGA qualification in 2007, is himself an example of the fantastic options the programme gives an aspiring golf professional.

“The expertise that a PGA Professional brings are second to none,” Ring continued. “They arrive with a full understanding of the golf industry, from coaching to management, sports science; every aspect is covered in The PGA Training Programme, so I would see why every golf club would want a PGA Professional.

“It’s down to the club to offer the right role whether it be director of golf or general manager or a normal shop professional. Clubs ask so much of the PGA Professional so that’s why The PGA’s course offers such diversity and you can branch into different roles. Clubs should be looking to hire PGA Members based on their education and their knowledge of the golf industry.”

Ring is passionate about The PGA sector and feels the role of the PGA Professional is now evolving, given the levels of training they receive and new initiatives like PGA Excel.

PGA Excel was launched in 2022 to replace the Association’s previous APAL system and allows PGA Members to demonstrate their impact, achievements and value to their peers, employers, golfers and the wider industry as they move up the different membership designations, from PGA Advanced Professional right up to the coveted standing of PGA Master Professional.

Ring encourages all of his PGA-qualified staff to consider PGA Excel as a cornerstone of their personal development. He feels it is important for them to keep pace with the ever-evolving profession, but perhaps more importantly, to further themselves and demonstrate their impact and achievement to the golf industry.

“PGA Excel enables PGA Professionals, PGA Coaches and PGA Managers to further themselves and progress their standing. They drive lessons, run pro shops, it allows them to focus on improving and developing their coaching, take on director of golf roles and focus more on the business side of the golf industry if that is what they aspire to do.

“The options that a PGA Member has to study are so diverse now and aspiring pros can further their careers with PGA Excel. So many PGA Members are moving into director of golf roles or general manager jobs or into different roles within the industry and PGA Excel can really help.

“I would always encourage our members here at McGuirks to further themselves whether it be as Professionals, Coaches or Managers. Obviously, we will have a cohort of people coming through our scholarship programme who are ready for the golf industry and have career paths created for them to push on if that’s what they want to do. We have them trained in every aspect.”

The PGA Scholarship Programme was established by McGuirks to offer young, aspiring PGA Trainees experience in the golf retail sector and a platform into the industry. Alongside the PGA Training Programme, it supports Trainees in all areas of golf retail, including shop experience and merchandising, before placing them into golf clubs upon completion of their PGA qualification.

Ring added: “Once you have a PGA qualification it looks great on your CV and you can venture into any area in the golf industry. Those people who finish their PGA training have lots of facets to fit into the industry and within the business.

“At McGuirks, we would like to keep most of those Trainees we bring in, but if they want to be a club professional or go teaching in Dubai or China, we wish them all the best. We give them a start in their career and we are proud of that.”

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