PGA Professional Gary Munro helps Sky Sports presenter improve his game

PGA Professional Gary Munro helps Sky Sports presenter improve his game


Popular Sky Sports presenter David Jones has embarked on a new series with The PGA to lower his golf handicap thanks to the help of PGA Professional Gary Munro.

The series – entitled Journey to Single Figures - documents the progress over a six-month period, giving a fascinating and entertaining view of the learning process from the perspective of both player and coach.

The series complements the recent launch of The PGA’s PGA Play website, which enables golfers and all those interested in taking up the game to search for and connect with PGA Professionals.

Jones, who fronts the Super Sunday and Monday Night Football coverage on Sky Sports, has played the game sporadically throughout his life, but family and work commitments have put golf on the backburner in recent years.

After struggling to maintain a handicap of 14, Jones had what he describes as an epiphany and reached out to his enormous social media following in search of lessons that would help revive his game.

After multiple recommendations, it was PGA Professional Gary Munro who took up the challenge and helped Jones rediscover his love for golf again.

Speaking ahead of the launch of Journey to Single Figures, Jones said: “What I really want to achieve from this process is something really simple - I want to get better and I want to stand on the first tee on any golf course in the world and be confident that I know what I am doing.

“I know I am not going to get down to scratch or anything like that, but I think there is a chance for someone like me who is currently at 14, with the help of an expert PGA Professional and plenty of practise, to get to single figures. I’m not expecting a quick fix – it’s about a long-term gain which is going to get me into a better place as a golfer. It’s the start of the journey really. The building blocks are in place, it’s up to me now.”

The series tells the story of Jones’ progression in three feature episodes, all of which will be published on The PGA’s YouTube and Facebook channels, as well as appearing on PGA Play alongside the wide range of existing instructional and inspirational golf content.

Content from other lessons will also be posted across The PGA’s social media channels, highlighting the progress that can be achieved through lessons with a PGA Professional – whatever their skill level or ambition.

Munro added: “Working with David has been a hugely enjoyable experience and I’m delighted with the progress he has made during our time together. I hope that as we continue to work together, he can continue to evolve and improve… and most importantly, enjoy playing golf again.

“This series really highlights the important role PGA Professionals play at all levels of the game in helping to improve people of all ages, ability and skill. I hope that anybody watching - whether they play already or are thinking about starting - are inspired to follow in David’s footsteps and book a lesson with their local PGA Professional.”

Robert Maxfield, Chief Executive of The PGA, commented: "David's journey is just one example of how PGA Professionals play an integral role in helping and supporting hundreds of thousands of people each year who want to take up golf or just play better.

"This brilliant series really shows how enjoyable and rewarding the process of working with a PGA Professional can be, and hopefully people watching will be inspired to follow David’s example in seeking help from an expert. PGA Play exists purely to enable people to find and connect with their nearest PGA Professional and we hope this series will encourage more people to do just that.”

Episode One is live now with the following features going live a week later.

CLICK HERE to view Episode One of David Jones – Journey to Single Figures.

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