PGA Professional James Ellis-Caird launches first golf book

PGA Professional James Ellis-Caird launches first golf book


Since taking up the game at the age of 14, James Ellis-Caird has lived and breathed the sport of golf. Now, with over 25 years’ experience as a PGA Professional, he has put his memories and thoughts to paper with a new book entitled: ‘The Uncorrupted Pleasure Of An Old Bladed Putter,’ which comes out on the 22nd November.

Playing at Ley Hill and Harewood Downs as an amateur, James took up professional roles at Hazlemere before embarking on a journey with Urban Golf, an indoor simulator experience that appeals to a wide range of golfers and non-golfers.

Moving away from the city life of London, Ellis-Caird now runs a successful nine-hole golf course and has secured a partnership in his new home of Whitby Golf Club in West Yorkshire, with his new book detailing a ‘love letter to golf.’

“The book itself is completely different to what it was when I first set out to write it”, explains James. “I started this book around 10 years ago and it was more of a project for me, documenting how I saw golf. However, I rewrote it around 10 times.

“I’m not a writer, but it was just a wonderful thing to do and it’s just evolved into my experiences in golf. I’m just trying to reveal the beauty, the joy, the comradeship that I have taken from my golfing life.

“Hopefully it depicts a vision of golf that is free from the constraints and expectations. Being a good enough golfer is the goal and my teaching allows a personal space for expression and a quieter, gentler way to live our lives.”

The book was released at the end of October and has already received rave reviews, with one sports journalist commenting: “A lot of the wider truths can be drawn out to apply to other sports, and perhaps life in general. I can hear your voice in your writing. It feels natural and generous in spirit, which makes me think that anyone who reads this will feel supportive and open to your ideas.”

As well as talking about his love of the game, the new book is an opportunity for Ellis-Card to promote his coaching philosophy.

He added: “My vision in coaching golf is to support my clients, regardless of ability, to achieve a natural and reliable game, which allows them to reach their full potential, whether that’s achieving a single figure handicap or getting out on the course for the first time.

“My Instagram username is ‘Rewilding the golfer’ which says something of my desire to de-mystify and naturalise the teaching of the game, coming away from some of the more over-technical, mechanical approaches currently in vogue. I honestly think ‘The Uncorrupted Pleasure of an Old Bladed Putter’ will bring my style of teaching and playing the game to a wider audience.”

CLICK HERE to find out more about the book or to order a copy.


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