Size up your footwear sales with FootJoy

Size up your footwear sales with FootJoy


FootJoy’s professional golf shoe fitting programme can help you maximise your footwear sales and boost customer performance and satisfaction.

When it comes to essential golf equipment, shoes are understated in their impact on the golfer’s performance and all too frequently thought of as a ‘tick box’ item to ensure players adhere to the dress standards and the correct attire at the club.


Wearing the wrong size golf shoe can cause multiple problems for players before they have even lifted a golf club. For many amateurs, these smaller details are overlooked as the impact of a professionally fitted golf shoe can be game changing, both in terms of comfort and performance.

Wearing a professionally fitted golf shoe can increase a golfer’s swing force by as much as 21% compared to those of a poorly fitted shoe, creating more efficiency through the swing and projecting greater power into the ball. Equally, a properly fitted shoe reduces friction and any potential for consequential blistering and discomfort. The right fit also means that shoes last considerably longer compared to pairs that are too big or too small.

FootJoy’s extensive size and width options, combined with the wide range of models, means there is a fit for every golfer and a style for every taste, so with the right fitting golfers can enjoy maximum comfort and performance while out on the course.

Why is Shoe Fitting Good for Golf Retailers?

Offering a shoe fitting service creates a fantastic sales opportunity and the chance to upsell by educating the golfer on the benefits of purchasing the right shoes for them.

Shoe fitting provides the chance to reinforce your USP as a golf professional, develop the relationship with your customers and deliver greater satisfaction.

Golfers will trust your advice and expertise, and that’s where the value of shoe fittings is created beyond the costs, with customers leaving reassured, confident and inspired by their purchase. Together this creates a route to further profitable sales through strengthening your credibility within the club, emphasising the enabling benefits of professional golf shoe fittings.


  • 70% of golfers wear the wrong size shoe
  • More than 60% of golfers who realise they are in the wrong size shoe, buy new ones immediately.
  • The number one reason golfers find themselves in ill-fitted shoes is down to width and compensating width for length.

The Fitting Process

It all starts with the right questions. You need to ask the right questions to understand the customers’ needs and requirements.

  • How often do you play?
  • Where do you feel discomfort?
  • What type of shoes do you currently wear?
  • When was the last time you were professionally fitted?

Accumulating this knowledge is critical to help you filter through your options whilst also building a relationship, placing the customer at ease and delivering great service.
Knowing the performance aspect of each model and topping up your knowledge on the shoes is critical prior to the fitting and allows you to benefit most from these questions. Being able to demonstrae a detailed knowledge of the products not only allows for better judgement and solution options, but also reassures the customer and builds trust to enhance the experience and build further value into the sale. 

For example, FJ’s Tour X shoe is the ultimate stability shoe in the company’s range, does your customer need a stable shoe to help them? Or does your customer need something that has mobility to help their game? If so, a model from the FJ Flex range might be a more suitable choice. Potentially, they are looking for a performance shoe, but with spikeless options? Then the number one shoe on Tour, the Pro|SL, could offer the versatility and Tour-proven calibre they’re looking for.

Ensure you have a diverse stock range within the store to ensure you have the correct models available and avoid any poorly fitting shoes for players; it helps to close the sale right there and then.

Made to Measure

Once the model options have been determined, the sizing and measurement process can ensue with confidence using the Brannock device. This presents a further opportunity to demonstrate and confirm your expertise by fluently using the specialised piece of kit.

The Brannock device is a comprehensive starting point and the best way for determining foot length, width and arch length, however it should always be treated as the first step in the fitting process and must not be totally relied upon for a complete fit.

Whilst using the Brannock device, customers should be wearing socks that replicate the ones they use in their round. This provides a great way to introduce your customer to the FJ range of golf-specific socks, with the likes of FJ ProDrys offering advanced golf comfort to compliment the shoe and presents a great chance to upsell.  

Shoe Fitting Execution

Once on, the shoe still offers feedback on the fit and is a great way to reaffirm the choice and size with key visual and physical CUEs.

  • Can you hear a ‘whoosh’ sound when they insert the foot to confirm a snug fit?
  • Use your thumb to measure the opening at the top of the shoe for the correct width.
  • Excess space - can you feel a half-inch gap between the longest toe and end of the shoe?

You can also ask the customer to replicate their behaviours when they are out on the course and use this to confirm their comfort in the shoe, as well as analysing the FIT.

  • Flex Point – does the shoe’s flex point align with the flex of their forefoot?
  • Is there any movement when they walk?
  • Total comfort - is there any discomfort when the customer is mimicking a full swing?

Fit v Feel

Once you are professionally fitted, any shoe of the same size across the FootJoy line should remain consistent in fit but can differ in feel.

There are multiple possible reasons for a different feel between sizes and ultimately it is the relationship between the model choice, the foot measurements and the relationship between the foot and shoe once it is on which will decide the perfect fit.

It is therefore up to the customer to feedback on the feel to find the most suitable model and best fit. This reaffirms the need to provide an easy, relaxed environment so that customer feels comfortable in sharing honest feedback which allows you to provide optimal satisfaction and service.

#1 Shoe in Golf

For 75 years FJ have been recognised as the #1 Shoe in Golf and have built a unique knowledge of footwear to consistently deliver Tour-calibre performance across their range.

From the very beginning, FootJoy has been the go-to choice for all generations of golfers with their unwavering focus on performance, innovation and quality to provide a trusted foundation for all players. Every pair of FJ’s endures rigorous testing to deliver the highest performance, and their legacy of innovation throughout their history has demonstrated their leading position as they continue to set the standard for golfing footwear.   

If you do require a Brannock device for your store or any shoe fitting point-of-sale material, please contact your FJ Area Sales Manager. For details on the full range of FJ footwear and accessories, visit


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