Sophie Mills: from top AGMS graduate to working at the Solheim Cup

Sophie Mills: from top AGMS graduate to working at the Solheim Cup


We speak to the Ladies European Tour’s new Membership Manager about her pathway into The PGA as the top-ranked AGMS student in her year, her role in The R&A’s new Women in Golf Leadership Programme and working as a player liaison for Team Europe at the Solheim Cup.

After graduating top of her year group in the AGMS degree at Birmingham University, 26-year-old Sophie Mills has gone onto take her first step on the ladder in a dream career path within golf events management.

As the new Membership Manager at the LET she talks about her role and aspirations for the future.

You were top ranked AGMS student in your year. What did that mean to you and what doors did it open?

It was an incredible achievement for me. I would consider myself a very driven individual so when the opportunity to take the degree presented itself, it was always something that I wanted to put my all into an make the most of it. I feel very lucky to have done the AGMS degree. I was guided by a great group of people there who were all really supportive of the programme. It’s incredible to see what our year group have all progressed on to do in our careers. It definitely opened up so many doors. I got to see so many different facets of the golf industry. There are so many different opportunities out there.

Tell us about your journey from AGMS graduate to working for the LET, how did that come about?

In my final year at university I completed a work placement with the Ladies European Tour. They could see that I was passionate about the industry and obviously I also had the other previous experiences in event management on my CV. The Ladies European Tour allowed me to help create and stage world-class events, whilst being able to showcase women’s golf at the highest level and continue to elevate the status of the game. So that was something that I was really keen to be a part of, a dream role really.

What does your role as Membership Manager at the LET involve and what skills are required?

My job is to provide players with the best possible experience during their time on tour. To make sure that I support players every step of the way as a professional. That’s what I strive to do. To create that incredible platform for these players, these athletes, to achieve their goals and inspire them to progress further in the game to achieve their dreams. To provide a high-level of service to members and ultimately to enhance development opportunities for more women and juniors to get into golf.

My role involves being the main point of contact for players, so it’s essential to have good interpersonal skills. Providing a clear level of communication for players is a keen focus within my role. I think you always need an ability to think creatively. It’s a fast-paced environment, we are travelling to different events and playing in different countries. I think it’s that ability to take what we have and adapt it to different scenarios to overall create world-class events for our players.

How challenging is the job?

The role is extremely busy, there’s lots of travelling involved, but it’s ultimately so rewarding and we  all feel so lucky to be blessed with the jobs that we have. I get to meet different people from all over the world and I get to see first-hand how incredible our LET players are. Getting to watch them work hard to achieve their goals. I see the dedication within them and what it takes to succeed. They are very inspiring.

What are your career aspirations?

I would love to continue to progress within the industry, achieving a senior leadership role and in doing so inspire future generations to play the game. I love seeing women succeed within the industry and it’s up to us to help support one another and help grow the game and encourage more women to be involved in the industry. I have recently started on the R&A Golf leadership development programme as well, which has been incredible. So I’m continuing to learn. I’ve met so many inspiring women throughout the industry. It’s teaching me more about myself and the ways in which I can help grow the game and inspire others to do the same.

What was your role at the Solheim Cup?

I worked as player liaison for Team Europe. It was incredible to be a part of the event, such an exciting week. I was in the team room working closely with the players to make sure that they had everything set that they needed. A big part of my role was managing the players’ schedules, ensuring that I communicated to them their various media commitments. It was important to get the timings right so that they felt in control of their schedule. Our Solheim Cup director Polly Clark worked incredibly hard to make it such a fantastic event. It was inspiring to see.

How do you believe the LET can grow and develop?

The tour is going from strength-to-strength every week, with more spectators and bigger events. More opportunities are presenting themselves to players and there are more events on the schedule. To grow the game I think it definitely comes down to increasing exposure. Seeing these players perform at the highest level. Getting them broadcast and making people aware of what these players are doing and how incredible they are. By getting more eyes on these players I think the tour will continue to soar as it already is.

What advice would you give to fellow PGA members looking for a career in women’s golf?

It’s such an exciting time for women’s golf. Not only for athletes but the industry in general - everyone involved in elevating the game to new heights. Breaking down the barriers for future generations to come. There are so many different opportunities available within the industry my advice would be to gain experience of different areas and find your passion.

What’s your personal work philosophy?

I would consider myself a very highly motivated individual. I always strive to be the best version of myself. I ultimately want to empower others to do the same and continue to see more women in leading roles throughout the industry as well.


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