Tate ‘elated’ and ‘honoured’ after being awarded PGA Advanced Fellow Professional status

Tate ‘elated’ and ‘honoured’ after being awarded PGA Advanced Fellow Professional status


I saw it as an opportunity to have my skills, expertise and overall value that I’ve accumulated over the years and currently in my role at Stanedge Golf Club, tested.

- Fame Tate (Stanedge Golf Club) - PGA Advanced Fellow Professional

Having represented both England and Great Britain & Ireland as an amateur, spent six years playing professionally on the Ladies European Tour (LET), started a successful coaching business and went on to become owner of Stanedge Golf Club in Derbyshire, Fame Tate certainly isn’t one for taking her foot off the gas when it comes to her career.

Now, the 41-year-old has been awarded the status of PGA Advanced Fellow Professional after successfully submitting her PGA Excel application.

“When the news came through, I was absolutely over the moon - it certainly put a smile on my face,” said Tate, who is one of only 67 PGA Members to be awarded Advanced Fellow status.

“For me both personal and professional development are extremely important - every step of the way I’ve always endeavoured to develop my own skill set and knowledge, with a focus on specialist knowledge, business management and golf growth and development which of course appear heavily within the value blocks of PGA Excel.

“Writing about yourself can be quite a daunting process - writing about your journey, your achievements, the plans you’ve made and such - but for me the whole process has aided much more clarity and conviction, it’s certainly helped with honest self reflection, which I’m a big believer of. In terms of the business, I’m continually looking at areas where we do really well, or areas for improvement, but with this, I felt it provided a vital insight into myself within my overall career and enabled me to look at areas both personally and professionally where I have done well, and areas that I’d like to focus on in the future.

“Overall, I was truly elated and very honoured to be accorded the status and ultimately just proud to represent The PGA at this level moving forward.”

PGA Excel is the Association’s brand new, dedicated assessment framework that enables PGA Members to demonstrate their impact, achievements and value to employers, golfers and the wider industry.

Asked how she found the new online process, Tate continued: “I honestly enjoyed the whole process - I found it very interesting working through all of the various value blocks, and at times I felt like I was writing a short novel, as there were so many different elements I felt I could write about. With my day-to-day role involving both coaching and running a golf club, it encompasses many of the value blocks.

“I wasn’t particularly familiar with the old APAL system but I know it was heavily paper-based. Now, the PGA Excel assessment is made up of the various value blocks and expertise areas which are hugely important.

“I found that the self-assessment element at the start was a really useful tool, as from the outset you could see where you sat within the various rankings and obviously providing the application met the criteria for each level, I felt it gave you some kind of indication from the start as to which ranking you might be able to achieve.

“Technology has changed and the new online process is beneficial for everyone’s time management, from the pro’s who are applying, to the moderators, to the overall board. The online process was very user friendly and the ability to save your application as you went along was really convenient, particularly when we’re all busy, either trying to run a professional shop, run a business or whatever it might be.”

One of Tate’s key reasons for starting her PGA Excel journey was the opportunity to test herself against the four Value Blocks which underpin each PGA category (Professional, Coach and manager). These Value Blocks consist of a number of Expertise Areas, detailing skills, attributes and capabilities required for PGA Members to excel in their chosen Member category.

Tate continued: “I have a lot of involvement with The PGA so I felt inspired to begin my application having seen the PGA Excel brand and how it’s been marketed. I saw it as an opportunity to have my skills, expertise and overall value that I’ve accumulated over the years and currently in my role at Stanedge Golf Club, tested.

“More importantly it was something that I wanted to do for myself - to test myself against the various value blocks, see what the outcome would be and hopefully progress my ranking within the association.

I never saw this as a one-off thing, for me it’s an in-depth continuum of my own personal and professional journey, and as that journey continues and my career evolves, so will my expertise and knowledge.

“As that happens in the future, hopefully I’ll be able to submit more information into an ongoing application. So without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll continue - it will be interesting to track my career development.”

Asked what she would say to fellow PGA Members to encourage them to begin their own PGA Excel application, Tate added: “I’d be extremely supportive of any PGA Professional wanting to engage in the process - it serves as the perfect platform to demonstrate your skills, show what you’ve learnt in your career, and even showcase your overall value.

“Given my own experience, which has only been positive, and even if you don’t achieve the status you thought you were going to, the results from this are only positive, particularly with all the feedback you get from the various assessors.

“It’s all about advancing your own standards and reflecting on your own personal and professional development and career. It also gives you the chance to compare yourself to your peers and where you sit in that ranking continuum.

“Plus, for those members looking to change careers, or those looking to showcase their skills to their existing employers, completing the PGA Excel programme can only be an advantage in showcasing your value and what you can deliver. It also serves as the perfect tool for self-reflection - it gives you clarity, focus and looking at yourself for future development - looking at the criteria and value blocks, it really makes you think about the different areas that you might need to advance yourself further in, or not.”

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PGA Members are encouraged to start their PGA Excel journey today. This new framework enables you to demonstrate your impact and achievement to employers, golfers and the wider industry and move up through the designations.

Check your eligibility more easily, review your progression against a scoring criteria using a brand new assessment form, and complete your application digitally, whenever and wherever suits.

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