Wake up and smell the coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee


There are profits to be made for golf facilities large and small who choose Lavazza as their coffee product.

“If you sell 10 cups of coffee a day you could make £5,000 a year.”

Gareth Abbott, Managing Director of Greenworks Coffee, explains the benefits of stocking Lavazza as a PGA Member.

In November last year, The PGA welcomed leading global coffee brand, Lavazza, as the ‘preferred coffee of the Association’. As part of the agreement, PGA Members based at golf facilities across the UK and Ireland are given exclusive benefits and discounts to stock and serve a wide range of Lavazza products. In addition, Greenworks Coffee provide a full coffee solution which includes machines, coffee, service and marketing.

Stocking Lavazza and having the option for your customers to buy and drink high quality coffee leads to an opportunity to make healthy margins for your F&B revenue stream. “Based on a standard coffee machine, if you were to sell 10 cups of coffee a day at £2 per coffee, you would expect to make around £5,000 profit per year,” explains Gareth Abbott, Managing Director of Greenworks Coffee.

Gareth explains more about the partnership and the benefits to PGA Members.

What kind of investment is a PGA Member typically looking at to stock Lavazza?

“There’s a full range of coffee machines, extending from a smaller machine for your driving range, to more advanced machines for your clubhouse. With smaller machines, you re looking at only having to sell a few cups of coffee a day to cover your outgoings. This can be paid for monthly, meaning that you wouldn’t even have an initial outlay to get up and running.

Do you offer preferential rates to PGA Members?

“PGA members are able to benefit from extensive discounts across our product range, including 40 per cent off Lavazza capsule machines and 10 per cent off coffee refills. Plus, marketing materials worth £500.

Can you redeem the 10 per cent discount on coffee refills if you already have a machine in place?

“Yes. The 10 per cent discount is available regardless of the machine you have in place. We also provide a range of servicing options for all types of existing machines.

What is the potential ROI?

“It’s relative to the size and spec of your machine. Based on a standard machine, if you were to sell 10 cups of coffee a day at £2 per coffee, you would expect to make around £5,000 profit per year.

How does a Member get started?

“It’s very simple – drop us an email or give us a call and we will send a local representative out to you to discuss options and provide a taste test. We can also set up a trial to gauge feedback.

What is the break-even point when installing a Lavazza machine?

“The break-even point can be as low as two cups of coffee a day for a standard machine. Even the top of the range machine only carries a break-even point of eight cups a day – so it is far less of a risk than you might have initially thought.

Over the past eight months, more than 60 PGA Members and their attached golf facilities have taken advantage of this exclusive Member benefit with Lavazza.

Sharon Rogers
House Manager, Walton Heath, Surrey

“We placed a Lavazza machine in our bar area and it’s been very successful. We have seen a notable improvement in our coffee provision which has enhanced our member experience and has driven impressive sales. Members are asking for a nice coffee and now we have Lavazza, we’re able to offer them cappuccinos and lattes. It’s been a vast improvement and a big success. The onboarding process was extremely easy – the rep was fantastic to work with. He was very knowledgeable about the machines and the products and did some training with us.”

Gary Silcock
General Manager, Murrayshall, Perthshire

“We stock Lavazza coffee machines in our pro shop and in our hotel bedrooms and the feedback we’ve had from our guests has been very positive. We knew of Lavazza before, but it was the PGA offer that caught our attention. The offer and service has been outstanding. The sign-up process was amazingly simple and the products came very quickly. The pro shop machine is very neat, clean and simple to use. Since stocking Lavazza, we now sell a lot more coffee throughout our estate and has helped us grow revenues.”

Kerry Alligan-Smith
General Manager, Redditch, Worcestershire

“Our previous coffee machines were outdated and very slow to serve. We now have a few Lavazza machines, one behind the bar, another at the members’ entrance and a third outside our new conference room. We have had such positive feedback and with this offer through The PGA, it’s been a great cost-effective benefit for the club to grow revenue. Since moving to Lavazza, I would 100% recommend this benefit to other golf facilities. Installation was very quick, operations have been flawless, and the modern look has matched our new contemporary style.”


  • Free consultation with Greenworks Coffee
  • 40 per cent discount on machines (Lavazza Capsule machines only)
  • 10 per cent discount on coffee refills
  • £500 Lavazza branded marketing package

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