Why should your club enter the St. James’s Place National Pro-Am Championship?

Why should your club enter the St. James’s Place National Pro-Am Championship?


As we near the 200-club milestone for the 2023 St. James’s Place National Pro-Am, we look at some to the key reasons you and your club should enter this year’s championship.

The St. James’s Place National Pro-Am Championship is not just another golf tournament; it's an exciting opportunity for amateurs to experience the thrill of competing alongside a PGA Professional golfer.

This prestigious event, backed for a second year running by sponsors St. James’s Place, offers a unique platform for golf enthusiasts to represent their club nationally, challenge themselves, improve their game and create lifelong memories.

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Play at one of seven high-quality courses:

Tee off at one of seven stunning Regional Final venues across the UK and Ireland. They are: Montrose Links, Pleasington, Seapoint Links, High Post, East Herts, Sherwood Forest, Kings Hill.

Learn from the pros:

The St. James’s Place National Pro-Am Championship is an exceptional learning opportunity. Amateurs have the chance to observe and interact with PGA Professional golfers, watching their techniques, strategies and dedication up close. Engaging in conversations and receiving guidance from seasoned professionals can significantly enhance an amateur's understanding of the game and lead to substantial improvements in their own play.

Networking and camaraderie:

The event fosters a sense of camaraderie among participants. Amateurs can connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for golf. Building relationships with fellow players and PGA Professionals can open doors to new golfing opportunities, friendships, and potential mentorships.

Elevate your game:

Competing in the St. James’s Place National Pro-Am Championship is a chance to challenge yourself at a higher level. Playing alongside PGA Professionals brings out the best in amateurs, pushing them to elevate their game and reach new heights. The pressure and intensity of tournament play create a valuable learning experience, improving mental fortitude, decision-making skills, and overall performance.

Unforgettable memories:

Participating in this year’s championship creates memories that will last a lifetime. The excitement of the Regional Finals, the opportunity to play in the Grand Final at PGA National Turkey and the camaraderie among players form a tapestry of experiences that become cherished moments for amateurs. The sense of accomplishment and pride in being part of such a prestigious tournament will forever be etched in their golfing journey.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of one of the most prestigious amateur golf events in the UK and Ireland.


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