Club Volunteer by PGA

Club Volunteer by PGA

In the same way that the contributions of Governors are critical to the smooth running of schools, volunteers are vital to the development of the game and play a huge role in supporting PGA Members within golf clubs. Our new Membership group will support these unsung heroes...

What is Club Volunteer by PGA?

The Club Volunteer Group is for all those people who do so much to support the running of their clubs. They organise junior sections, put on social events and help recruit new members. They do so for the love of the game and help their clubs thrive.

Until now, there was no formal structure to help them acquire new knowledge and skills particularly relevant to the golf industry. This new initiative will empower golf’s volunteers and enable them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Busy club managers don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to train volunteers themselves, but members of our Club Volunteer category will have access to high-quality PGA CPD - covering topics from health and safety legislation to safeguarding, as well marketing and basic finance - allowing them to upskill and offer more to the club.

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Benefits of Club Volunteer Group

Benefits of Club Volunteer Group
  • Volunteers can learn new skills specifically relevant to their role at the golf club
  • Group provides the support and tools needed to excel in variety of club roles
  • Ensures volunteers are up-to-date with the latest legislation
  • Be part of a community that is able to network and share best-practice 
  • CPD training and information can be accessed via state-of-the-art digital platform
  • Club Volunteers become a part of the golf industry and work more effectively with PGA Members
  • Applications open from November onwards